Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 4 - Times Picayune


Wow, what an amazing day. We got the opportunity to spend the day with 4 Times Picayune photojournalists, four photographers who were on the front-lines when Katrina hit and who were the first to show the world what was really happening in New Orleans. I rode around with photographer Chris Granger, along with Anthony and my academic director Colleen Mullins. My first impressions of the newsroom at the Times was, "WOW. COOOOOL." It was exactly like what you see on TV, and I can just imagine the drama that has unfolded there. Chris was incredibly helpful and enthusiastic right from the start. He gladly took us into the printing press - so cool! It was like children at Christmas when we walked in there, our faces lit up and of course we took lots of photos. We tagged along with Chris to an assignment where he photographed the owner of a well-known Po-boy shop. And that was where we saw the tallest house in N'awleans! Hot dog was that thing high up! Come hell and high water again and that home-owner will be dry as a bone. Chris than graciously chauffeured us around town, showing us the places where he photographed, areas that were devastated by the storm, and a very interesting chapel in a graveyard full of body parts . . . That's right. After meeting up for lunch we headed back to the base. The kindness the Times showed us was topped when they gave each of us a gift - a copy of the Times Picayune book with photos from Katrina. I was truly blown away by the out-pouring of love they showed us students. I really don't know if they realize just how much that meant to us, to me, and how amazing of an experience that was. By far it was the best part of the trip and I give all my thanks to Doug Parker, Chris Granger, and the rest of Times staff for allowing us to have that opportunity. You truly made an impact on me and I will never forget you. Thank you.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I'm home.