Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 1 - Meeting Amzie Adams


I was so nervous to meet Amzie. Mostly because I didn't know what to expect. But when I walked into his gallery and saw him there, looking exactly as he did in the PBS documentary, I felt just fine. We talked a little, I explained what I was doing and why. Not long after we started talking then in walked a Mr. Peter Nu. He's a local musician, originally from England, and quite the character. He completely lightened the room with his cheerful chatter, and then asked if he could play music for me! Are you kidding me????!!! Yes please! It was an awesome experience, and awesome photo op.

Peter Nu invited me to his show on Wednesday at Byblos which I think I will definitely be attending. I need to get in contact with Byblos to see if I can photograph him there. Amzie also introduced me to a young artist on Jackson Square named Dominic Navarra. He was incredibly kind and interested in what I was doing in New Orleans, and was more than willing to help. He gave me the name of another artist who would be interested, who just so happens to have a gallery across the street from Amzie!

It's crazy how things are working out, how one person can lead you to five more, who will lead you to five more, and so on. This town has a crazy but beautiful energy about it that flows in and out of the streets and I definitely have been moved by it.

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